Project Eka Foundation & Barista roped in as CSR partner of DPIFF

Eka Foundation and Barista were roped in by Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival as CSR partner for the year 2023. This year, also just like last year, the collaboration was to spread awareness and bust myth around menstrual hygiene amongst women. The activity was conducted by volunteers from both organizations in the communities settled on the banks of Mithi river in Arey Colony, Mumbai.

To carry this activity effectively and to reach out to as many, we went door to door educating women about the ill effects of using sanitary pads and the long-term repercussion it can have on their health. We educated them on how menstrual cups can be cost effective and not detrimental to the environment.

Women hygiene kits were distributed free of cost to all who were willing to adopt this new sustainable and hygienic way of life. To assist and support them further in their journey of making this shift in their lives we shared our contact numbers for further queries follow ups. The activity was an immense success and the effort to educate and inspire young girls and women about menstrual health and hygiene shall continue.

Project Eka and Barista are grateful for our partnership with esteemed organizations such as DPIFF to continue to expand its towards social causes and community building initiatives.

Date: Feb 05, 2023
Location: Arey Colony, Mumbai