Project Kushalya

Project Kushalya is another key community initiative by Project EKA Foundation.

Project Kushalya is about cultivating self-sustainable individuals by bridging the gap between where they are and where they dream to be by skilling, upskilling, and cross skilling them. Towards this, we initiate several Vocational Training Programs for the citizen sector and work with partners to create job opportunities for the trained individuals.

The scope of Project Kushalya is to:

  • Identify and create learning opportunities for the underprivileged, yet passionate individuals.
  • Cultivate self-sustainable individuals.
  • Provide a platform that transitions them to a high opportunity pool by giving them the right knowledge and industry education.
  • Nurture their talents & abilities to open a plethora of new doors for them with no costs involved.
We shortlist highly motivated individuals who only lack the right opportunities but not the passion and enthusiasm to learn, grow, and make a livelihood.EKA surveys and handpicks the candidates and trains them for the given industry with our partner organization.These trainings are mostly “on-the-job” with regular evaluations post which the candidates are successfully placed in the industry.

This is one step closer to our dream of creating livelihoods and redefining human life.