Project EKA Foundation in collaboration with Project Umeed Welfare Foundation commissioned its firstSharda Pathshala in Yamuna Khadar, New Delhi.
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Project EKA Foundation in collaboration with Umeed Project is proud to announce the commissioning of Sharda Pathshala in Yamuna Khadar, New Delhi.

It all happened on Oct 9th 2021 when Project EKA Foudation and Umeed Project arranged a free Health Checkup Camp in partnership with LSGI in Yamuna khadar.

We noted a large group of students studying in an open ground under the flyover that runs through the area. We found out that about 250 children from the Yamuna Khadar community were seeking education within their limited means and resources in that open space.

Project Eka Foundation and Umeed Project joined hands to build “Sharda Pathshala” for the children of Yamuna Khadar community. This Pathshala is a step towards providing free quality education to the under privileged children with a proper school infrastructure, which is sustainable and ecofriendly with basic amenities.

The foundations will also work with key educationists and volunteers who will be instrumental in shaping up the bright future of our children

On this recent success, Project EKA’s founder & Chairperson Puja Rawat said, “In the loving memory of my friend & mentor Sharda, we have started “Sharda Pathshala” to fill in for the fundamental right to education and to reach out to as many children as we can, provide them with a clean, sustainable, and safe school environment, and help them grow under the guidance of our renowned educationists and mentors. Our vision is to build 50+ such schools in the coming year with a hope to adopt these communities and work in all ways possible for their upliftment.”

About Project EKA Foundation: Project Eka Foundation is a philanthropic non-governmental organisation (NGO) founded by Puja Rawat and Mukesh Katotra. It works on a variety of boots on the ground projects on different societal causes for societal upliftment.

Puja Rawat, a learning evangelist, has 20+ years of corporate Learning & Development (L&D) experience in nurturing an environment of highly skilled and engaged workforce. Puja’s understanding of the individual’s behavioral development has helped her assist various NGOs on several societal upliftment programs. Puja is the founder and Chairperson for Project EKA Foundation. Mukesh Katotra, a social entrepreneur, is the co-founder of Project EKA Foundation. He has diversified experience in corporate strategy and finance and has been actively involved in many philanthropicinitiatives and crisis situations.

Project EKA’s vision is to create a community that builds human capacities. We believe that the day every individual gets access to basic infrastructure and facilities, can make a livelihood, and no one is left out in this journey, then and only then we will succeed in building a self-sustainable society.

About Project Umeed Welfare Foundation: Project Umeed Welfare Foundation is new age NGO driven by data, research and proactive strategy with an aim to revolutionise the NGO operations with swift action and 100% transparency through innovative technology. We believe in empowering communities by providing well-researched and sustainable solutions.

Umeed Project was born during the first lockdown of COVID-19 and played a very key role in some of the biggest relief programs during the pandemic and has been working for disaster relief across the country in all ways possible.