Project Sharda Learning Workshop

Project EKA Foundation and Barista organize several experiential and immersive learning workshops under its community initiative “Project Sharda” for our students with the help of expert volunteers. In December 2022 we conducted some very invigorating and exciting workshops at Sharda MTS School, Kanpur and Sharda Yamuna Khadar School, Delhi.

These were two very different need-based workshops were led by our volunteers Nehal Chari (Software Engineer in Cisco) & Rohini Dairyawan (Early Childhood Education Expert). Both Nehal and Rohini assessed what will enhance our students perception and understanding and provide them with additional information beyond their course/syllabus. Our volunteers did an exceptional job in making these sessions interactive and enjoyable.

Nehal conducted several science workshops/experiments at Sharda Yamuna Khadar school for students aged between 14-17 years and took them through the concepts such as Flow Of Current, Conductor & Insulator, Static Charge interspersed with Geography lessons such as Earth’s Rotation, Gravitational Pull etc.

These workshops were a hit and our students embraced the week-long sessions with so much involvement and enthusiasm. Their participation and interactions through the sessions added to the success of these sessions.

Rohini, on the other hand got all students of our Sharda MTS School, Kanpur come together as one group and along with the staff organized multiple learning activities to showcase how to make learning fun and enjoyable. We started with an ice breaker session where the students introduced themselves and then we progressed on to playing games like tap the balloon race a number hopscotch game, which got all the kids in action. The games session was followed by storytelling and other social learning activities. We ended the two-hour long session by sharing interesting and fun facts on gravitational force, and magnets and its properties.