EKA Champion Mehboob Malik
“I remember when I came into class 10th my mother got me a cycle...I used to ride it with my friends and go to school...I have some great lovely memories to cherish when I look back.”

Reminisced Mehboob Malik, a tenth grade pass out with dreams of imparting a complete education to those who are unable to receive it.

“There were a lot of kids, there was NCC, I enrolled for that...the environment was great,” Mehboob explained.

Even though his financial situation kept him from pursuing an education post tenth grade, Mehboob Malik set out to rewrite his story by educating underprivileged young minds in his neighbourhood.

As a young man, Mehboob joined his father in serving tea through a roadside tea stall. He soon took over the shop and noticed an abundance of children around who were unable to receive a formal education. With limited means, but an unlimited zeal to serve his community, Mehboob gathered these children, and transformed them into his students, who would study and learn at his tea-stall.

Slowly as more children joined this group, Mehboob started to devote 80% of his income to their uniforms, bags, school supplies, books, and various other necessities. We all have fond memories of the days of our childhood, and for Mehboob it was the path that an education laid out for him.

“I used to love to go to school...I used to get a new uniform, good food I used to get 5 rupees as pocket money. Those memories are the most beautiful.”

Mehboob dreamed of recreating the same pathway for his students.

“I couldn’t complete my studies I regret it till today. However, I don’t want anyone’s financial situation to hinder their right to receiving an education.”

His memories of school, the experience of getting an education, and the circumstances due to which he was unable to complete his schooling is what drives him to provide a stable environment for his students where their education brings them happiness.

Today, in partnership with Project EKA foundation, Mehboob Malik successfully runs “Sharda Maa Tujhe Salam Primary School” in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh with 60+ students, serving as an example of hopeful persistence.